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Weighted Waldorf Bunny Babydoll
Weighted Waldorf Bunny Babydoll
Weighted Waldorf Bunny Babydoll

Weighted Waldorf Bunny Babydoll

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Our Bunny Babydolls, handmade exclusively for Honest Toys,  are weighted dolls filled with millet and are designed not only to have weight like a real baby, but to also provide a calming and therapeutic effect when held on a lap. Bunting-style dolls, their bodies are sack-like, without legs. 

Inspired by Waldorf babydolls that originated in Germany in 1919, the Heavy Babydoll was designed to resemble a child in its infant stage. The characteristic shaping of the doll's head distinguishes it as a Waldorf doll. The doll's facial features are hand painted and intentionally simple, in order to encourage imagination and creativity during play.

The weighted body give  a lifelike feel that helps to foster nurturing qualities in young children. Bunny Babydoll is just right for the child who needs to "lug," and it has a settling and reassuring quality for those in need of extra sensory attention. The body is made from luxurious velvet and the hair is real sheep's wool providing additional sensory input. The ears are lined in beautiful coordinating fabric. 

These are the original Bunny Babydolls made from the original design and pattern created by Soulplay, exclusively for Honest Toys.

Comes in your choice of skin tones: Fair and Dark.

Clothing colours available: Rose-pink, ocean-blue, and mink-grey.

Bunny Babydolls are hand-crafted per order and it may take up to 3 weeks for your order to dispatch. Please factor this extra time allowance in if you are buying this as a gift for a special occasion.