Swing Rocker Board
Swing Rocker Board

Swing Rocker Board

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Rocker or wobble boards were originally used by teachers in Waldorf early childhood classrooms, not only for their developmental benefits, but especially for their great open-ended play value. They are played with in so many ways!

These unique curved boards were originally created to help children develop balance, and are also excellent for stimulating the vestibular system and proprioception (awareness of one's physical body and its parts).

One board can become a:

  • Balancing Board
  • See-Saw
  • Balance Beam
  • Bridge
  • Slide
  • Rocking Cradle

A pair of Swing Rocker Boards doubles the fun for two children! Put four together and they form a circle in which children build homes or cozy nests in which to rest.

Fun to use indoors or outside, Swing Rocker Boards will be enjoyed by all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers to grade schoolers, even teens and adults!

Made from organic maple and birchwood that is locally sourced, the Swing Rocker Board by Blue Heaven is a 100% locally designed and manufactured.

Our Swing Rocker Boards are made to order and ship separately from the manufacturer in Johannesburg. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.