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Pin Pon!
Pin Pon!

Pin Pon!

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All firefighters to the fire engine!

A fire has broken out and you need to help the fire brigade get to the house in time to save it by clearing the road of cars. The fire engine can be moved by rolling the die. If the die shows a colour or the bell, you choose a colour card to turn over so you can advance. But if the die shows a flame, a “flame” token is added to the house. If the fire brigade reaches the house before the flames: you have won, the house is saved! However, if the 7 “flame” tokens have covered the house in flames before the fire brigade arrives, everyone has lost.

This cooperative game is a fun early introduction to game play, turn taking and managing winning and losing with grace. The cooperative design facilitates collaborative problem solving whilst avoiding excessive competition between players. This game is designed to be appropriate from 3 years (no reading required) all the way through to 10 years old. 

The game set consists of:

  • 12 cars/free road tiles
  • 1 fire station
  • 1 house
  • 7 'fire' tokens
  • 1 wooden fire engine
  • 1 wooden dice

Suitable from 3 years to 10 years