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Our Story


Hi. Welcome to Honest Toys. I’m so glad you popped by.

I’m Rosa, a mom (to two boys: a lively 3 year old, and a super smiley baby), child and family therapist, and, of late, toy curator ;)

I’m often asked how I ended up with an online toy shop. Well, my work with children and their families meant that I always needed a supply of toys and games on hand in my practice. I quickly discovered, though, that buying cheaply seldom made for a pleasant, productive play experience. All too often, the toys broke because they were badly made, too trendy, or were heavily gender-stereotyped, inhibiting natural play and the learning experience.

I wanted toys that were well-designed – that looked good, worked well and lasted – and that could stand up to the rough-and-tumble play of children across age groups and developmental stages. My preferred toys could also be played with in an open-ended manner, would contribute to the development and learning experience of the child, and were ethically made. 

After hunting about both locally and abroad I built up a collection of beautiful hard-wearing toys that had near-universal appeal for the children I worked with, as well as their parents!

Soon my friends, colleagues, and clients began coveting them and I decided to share, selling the odd item here and there. After becoming a mom in 2016, the importance and value of play as a means of helping learning and development became even more of a passion. I wanted other parents, caregivers, and professionals to be able to share the products that I had found to be so good for my child.

To be sure, getting my shop going has not always been child’s play! But it has been an incredible process of creativity, learning and connection which I am excited to share with you. Do dive in now, and start playing. :)